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SAC Level

  • Straightforward Level
  • Advanced Level
  • Complex Level

*SAC Classification

Straightforward Level

Surgical – the surgical process is anticipated to be uncomplicated, with minimal surgical risk; the anatomical risks are minimal; minimal post-operative complications are anticipated; there is minimal esthetic risk.

Restorative – a non-esthetic site, hence the esthetic risk is minimal; the restorative process is expected to be uncomplicated and involves few steps; the restorative outcome is readily predictable; there is a low risk of complications.
Advanced Level

Surgical – the surgical process is anticipated to be more demanding; proximity to important anatomical structures is likely to increase the difficulty of implant placement; there is an increased risk of postoperative complications; there is a moderate to high esthetic risk.

Restorative – there is a discernable esthetic risk; the restorative process may have an increased number of steps, but the outcome is predictable; the restorative outcome can be accurately visualized; the risk of complications is low to moderate.
Complex Level

Surgical – the surgical process is anticipated to be complicated; proximity to important anatomical structures heightens the difficulty and risk of implant placement; surgical demands on the clinician and ancillary staff are high; there is a high risk of surgical complications; there is a high esthetic risk.

Restorative – the esthetic risk is moderate to high; the restorative process involves multiple steps, and the treatment plan may need to be re-evaluated as a consequence of the outcome of one or more of these steps.