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C.O.R.E. 2 – FOCUS

Category: Courses Language: en-US
Location Straumann NAM
Andover (US)
Duration 10/24/2020 - 10/24/2020
Availability 20 / 20 available

Booking info

Bookable until 10/24/2020
Price per participant $ 195.00
    • 1 CORE Foundations - Practice Building Techniques for the Implant Coordinator: Ambassadors of the Team Approach to Practice Growth Classroom session
Learning targets

· Employ and illustrate strategies and skills to gain access to
  key influencers
· Differentiate between customer service and service excellence
· Understand clearly defined roles and responsibilities among
  the dental team
· Define your internal and external sales strategies
· Outline referral network and employ principles to top-grade
  and promote growth
· Identify proven strategic plan to develop role of the
  professional relations director
· Review best practices to strengthen partnership with your
  local territory manager

Full description
Today’s dental consumer demands high value and expects service excellence. These demands impact your everyday clinical practice. How you respond and how you make people feel are vital elements to building relationships necessary to differentiate your practice from the competition. New advances in technology are providing patients with immediate solutions for tooth replacement. Alignment between the specialty practice and restorative team is essential to the patient journey and experience.

Micro-influencers are emerging as leaders in the team approach to implant dentistry. The most recent develop in the micro-influencer community is the role of the professional relations director. This role emphasizes a strategic approach to service excellence, professional sales and practice growth. A highlight of this program will provide proven strategies and tools for success in growing the implant practice.
Contact person
Photo Education Event Planner Jessi Forcier
Education Event Planner Jessi Forcier jessi.forcier@straumann.com
Photo April Hamilton, RDH
April Hamilton, RDH (Speaker) aprilrrdh1@gmail.com
Photo Ashley  Osgood, MEd
Ashley Osgood, MEd (Speaker) ashley.osgood@straumann.com
Photo Kathi Carlson, CDA, FADIA
Kathi Carlson, CDA, FADIA (Speaker) kathi@theimplantconsortium.com
Photo Tracy Butler, CRDH, MFT
Tracy Butler, CRDH, MFT (Speaker) tracy.butler@straumann.com