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Foundation in Implant Dentistry 2019

Category: Dentist Language: en-GB
Location ITI Education Centre
Crawley (GB)
Duration 13/02/2019 - 18/09/2019
Availability 14 / 24 available

Booking info

Bookable until 12/02/2019
Price per participant £ 6,000.00
    • 1 Module 1: Day 1 Classroom session
      Introduction to Implant Dentistry/Identifying Straightforward Cases
    • 2 Module 1 Day 2 Classroom session
      Introduction to Implant Dentistry/Identifying Straightforward Cases
    • 3 Module 2 - Day 1 Classroom session
      Day 1: Single Tooth Replacement

    • 4 Module 2 - Day 2 Classroom session
      Single Tooth Replacement
    • 5 Module 3 - Day 1 Classroom session
      Day 1: Implant Assisted Overdentures
    • 6 Module 3 - Day 2 Classroom session
      Day 2: Interactive Treatment Planning
    • 7 Module 4: Day 1 Classroom session
      Day 1: Implant Surgery
    • 8 Module 4: Day 2 Classroom session
      Day 2: Implant Surgery
    • 9 Module 5: Day 1 Classroom session
      Day 1: Implant Surgery
    • 10 Module 5: Day 2 Classroom session
      Day 2: Implant Surgery
    • 11 Module 6: Day 1 Classroom session
      Day 1: Introduction to the Aesthetic Zone
    • 12 Module 6: Day 2 Classroom session
      Day 2: Care of Implants & Their Restorations
Learning targets

What are the benefits of Foundation in Implant Dentistry?

1. A patient oriented, restoratively driven introduction to implant dentistry in keeping with the ITI philosophy and supported by a comprehensive,evidence-based and up-to-date curriculum.

2. A significant first step on the ITI Pathway, assisting delegates towards meeting the requirements of the FGDP Training Standards in Implant Dentistry and offering a constructive start towards obtaining a recognisable qualification.

3. A dedicated Education Director who offers individual assistance in constructing a personal development plan during and beyond the end of Foundation in Implant Dentistry.

4. Optional supplementary ITI Modules to address individual delegates’ training needs.

What are the additional benefits?

1. ITI Membership.

2. Free attendance at ITI UK & Ireland Section Meetings.

3. In-practice team training: support for implementation of implant treatment and training of staff within the delegates’ own practice.

4. Demonstration models to help promote and show patients what can be achieved with implants.

5. Training log book as recommended by the FGDP - Training Standards in Implant Dentistry.

What does the Educational Director do?

The Educational Director will attend each of the modules and provide a continuous link between delegates and speakers. With a wealth of experience, the Educational Director will provide delegates with on-going support and advice both during and between each Module.

What happens if I miss a Module?

The course is designed as a complete programme and we would discourage delegates from missing Modules. In the event of a Module being missed, delegates would be supplied with course notes but cannot attend Modules on subsequent ITI FID courses.

What are my options on completion of the course?

There are a number of options for further training after the delegates have completed the Foundation in Implant Dentistry. Delegates can choose to continue on the ITI Training Pathway: the UK and Ireland Education Programme offers a wide range of Straightforward and Advanced level courses.In addition, ITI courses at all SAC Levels are available from International ITI Clinical Centres of Excellence in Implant Education. Beyond the ITI many UK Universities offer formal certificates, diplomas and MScs in Implant Dentistry. There is also the option of self-guided preparation for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Diploma in Implant Dentistry (Dip Imp Dent RCSEd) and the University of Bristol MSC.

Benefits of Concomitant Mentoring:

Aim of Mentoring Programme

One-to-one Mentoring is designed to facilitate the acquisition of the necessary confidence and competence to place and restore SAC Classification Straightforward cases.

Scope of Mentoring Programme

Working with a Mentor, the Mentee will aim to complete three SAC Straightforward cases during the Mentoring Programme. Ideally these would be:

• A single tooth (non aesthetic area).

• 2-3 unit bridge (non aesthetic area).

• An edentulous case requiring a tissue supported overdenture retained by implants.

Suggested fees payable by Mentee to Mentor

• The Mentor’s review of Mentee’s practice £250.00.

• Treatment planning sessions (including case selection and assessment) @ £200.00 per hour.

• The Mentee placing implants in own practice under the supervision of the Mentor: £500.00 per 3.5 hour session or part thereof, plus £300.00 per implant placed.

• The Mentee observing the Mentor placing implants in the Mentor’s practice; or the Mentee placing implants in the Mentor’s practice: £150.00 per hour plus the Mentor will charge his/her practice fee per implant directly to the patient and keep the fee.

• Mentoring of the prosthetic reconstruction @ £500.00 per 3.5 hour session or part thereof.

• Travel and other expenses, where applicable, at a pre-agreed rate.

Number of sessions (3.5 hours or part thereof) in Mentoring Programme

This will be by arrangement between Mentor and Mentee and depend on individual requirements. A suggested minimum is:

• 1 visit for Mentor’s review of Mentee’s practice.

• 2 sessions for treatment planning (including case selection and assessment).

• 1 session for Mentee observing Mentor placing implants in Mentor’s practice.

• 2 sessions for Mentee placing implants (in own practice or in Mentor’s practice).

• 2 sessions for prosthetic reconstruction.

Duration of Mentoring Programme

The Mentoring Programme finishes when all final restorations have been delivered for the agreed Mentored patient cases.

Course Topics:

The concept is to involve the participants in exploring the topic areas in an interactive and patient oriented manner, using case based learning as a primary tool. The holistic teaching structure follows the routine sequence in patient treatment from initial patient meeting through assessment, planning, preparation, treatment into ongoing care.

Module 1: Introduction to Implant Dentistry/Identifying Straightforward Cases

This Module looks at how implants compare and contrast with conventional restorative options. The ITI philosophy is introduced, providing a basis for implant therapy and identification of varying complexities of cases. Medical, social and dental factors are explored, leading to an in-depth case analysis. Delegates will complete this module with the skills to identify and assess suitable prospective patients. This module also covers occlusion and medical legal requirements.

Module 2: Single Tooth Replacement

Implant therapy is driven by the restorative needs of the patient. We begin with all factors surrounding the replacement of a single tooth with an implant based restoration. Ideal three-dimension placement is explored from a restorative point of view, along with the construction of surgical guides; these are essential prerequisites to surgical planning. This Module also covers impression taking, temporisation, abutment choice and delivery of the final restoration.

Module 3 Day 1: Implant Assisted Overdentures

This day focuses on all aspects of implant retained denture therapy. We stress the importance of an optimum standard of the dentures and a proper understanding of how to restore the prosthetic envelope. We discuss the unique factors that present in the edentulous ridge and how these are overcome.

Module 3 Day 2: Interactive Treatment Planning

This module will expand on the basic principles of treatment planning, placing emphasis on a structured approach to planning Straightforward cases, highlighting pitfalls and problems that may occur. Delegates will also gain an understanding of how to produce a treatment plan and how to present it to their patients.

Module 4 Day 1 & 2 & Module 5: Implant Surgery

These four days are dedicated to the surgical aspects of implant therapy. We cover instruments and equipment for surgical implant procedures, implant site preparation, healing time and hard and soft tissue management. There are several hands-on practical exercises within this Module. Treatment of patients is covered within the Mentoring part of the course.

Module 6 Day 1: Introduction to the Aesthetic Zone

Implants in the aesthetic zone pose a substantial risk of complications. This Module explores these and emphasises the essential assessment and planning needed for success.

Module 6 Day 2: Care of Implants and Their Restorations

The final day of the course covers monitoring and maintenance of implants and we also explore prosthetic and biological complications. The final afternoon is dedicated to presentation of cases from the delegates. Here we will draw together the elements of the course and plan how to move forward to the next level.

Full description


In partnership with Straumann, the ITI is proud to present the highly regarded and complete answer to starting out in implant dentistry - ITI Foundation in Implant Dentistry (FID), now in its 10th year. FID is a comprehensive programme which offers a unique combination of five components:

Modular course taught by a broad faculty of ITI Fellows and Members. In the tradition of the ITI, the faculty combine their wealth of implant experience with the ITI philosophy of treatment for the benefit of the patient. The outcome is an evidence-based curriculum in a continuously peer-reviewed course format.

One-to-one practice-based mentoring for implant education in the clinical environment.

Allied 24/7 online education through the ITI Online Academy - a living ‘textbook’ that complements and backs-up the modular course didactic teaching. FID has its own dedicated Campus on the ITI Online Academy and learning modules, lectures and treatment examples are part of the FID curriculum.

Option of continuing postgraduate education in the MSc in Implant Dentistry at the University of Bristol. FID is approved as prior learning equivalent to the first year of the MSc and subject to assessment on an individual basis, successful applicants have the option of entry directly into the second year of the MSc*.

Dental team training for nurses and treatment coordinators

*Subject to availability of year two places

“The pathway course is a great way to start a career in implant dentistry. The theory and practical sessions give you evidence-based, up-to-date knowledge and the confidence to get started with placing and restoring implants.”

Graham Wilkinson BDS
IDH Grangewood Dental Practice, Nottingham

“I would not hesitate to recommend the Foundation course - it has been a launching pad for me. I amnow well underway developing my skills in implant dentistry, with the guidance of my Mentor, and thoroughly enjoying this exciting field.”

Dr Anjali Chawla


Please note VAT is charged at 20% on all UK courses.

Payment for this course can be made in instalments. An initial, non-refundable deposit of £2,000 inc VAT is required at the time of booking, four further payments of £1,300.00 inc VAT will be required, dated 10th March, 10th April, 10th May & 10th June 2019 via eshop at Straumann.co.uk or by BACS transfer

Terms and conditions:

Course prices are listed per delegate and include all tuition fees, use of equipment and all course materials. Lunch and refreshments will be provided where the course is included within the ITI Education Programme. Course prices are correct at time of going to press

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